England Airpark Site E 2

The England Airpark Heavy Industrial Site E2, as specifically identified in the McCallum Sweeney Cleco SmartSite Program, has met all requirements and is hereby certified as a Certified Industrial SmartSite.

McCallum Sweeney Consulting has developed a program for Cleco to certify Industrial Sites and industrial parks as ready for development. This certificate serves as verification that England Heavy Industrial Site E2 has met the criteria of the SmartSite Program.

587.08 KB Cover
160.1 KB Spine Cover
239.93 KB CD Cover
138.83 KB LED Certification Letter
1.28 MB Application
2.21 MB Ex1 USGS Quad Map
6.27 MB Ex2 Aerial Imagery
896.88 KB Ex3 Boundary Survey
562.07 KB Ex4 Engineer's Letter on Land Use and Zoning
5.58 MB Ex5 Topographical Map
79.19 KB Ex6 Not Used
8.83 MB Ex7a General Location Map
1.06 MB Ex7b Transportation Map (50 Mile Radius)
6.31 MB Ex7c Master Development Plan
6.29 MB Ex8a Water Service Map
689.46 KB Ex8b Letter Regarding Excess Water & Wastewater Capacity
6.3 MB Ex8c Wastewater Service Map
1.11 MB Ex8d Wastewater Pre-Treatment Requirements
1.36 MB Ex8e Electrical Service Map
6.29 MB Ex8f Natural Gas Service Map
6.32 MB Ex8g Telecommunications Service Map
20.89 MB Ex9 USDA NRCS Soil Survey Map
5.55 MB Ex10 National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) Map
6.45 MB Ex11 Wetlands Delineation
7 MB Ex12 FEMA Flood Map (Effective)
231.22 KB Ex12a FEMA Flood Map (Preliminary)
328.97 KB Ex13 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Executive Summary)
900.98 KB Ex13a Additional Information on the Enclosed Site Structure
58.78 KB Ex14 LDWF Letter of Site Clearance
2.29 MB Ex15 Phase I Cultural Resources Survey
559.95 KB Ex16 Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation Services
2.69 MB Ex17 Tax Assessor Plat
6.31 MB Ex18 Proposed Rail Spur Improvements
85.92 KB Ex18a Proposed Rail Spur Improvements - Opinion of Probable Cost
161.62 KB Ex19 Schedule for Proposed Improvements
19.81 KB Last Page
26.33 MB Phase I - ESA (Full Report) (Separately Bound)
26.33 MB Phase I - ESA (Full Report)

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Contact Information

David H. Broussard, Jr.
Airpark Development Manager
England Economic and Industrial Development District

o. 318-427-6407

1611 Arnold Drive | Alexandria | LA | 71303