New ARFF Equipment at AEX

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) is a vital component to operating an airport.  At AEX we continue to invest in equipment to create a state of the art department.  Recently delivered was a Oshkosh Striker 3000.  This 3,000 gallon primary response vehicle cost $800,000.  Expected to be delivered within the next 30 days is an Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV)/Reserve Class A.  This state of the art rescue and firefighting responder cost $315,000.  Both pieces of equipment join a stable of advanced equipment that ensures AEX can and will respond effectively to any aircraft emergency.

Taxiway and Runway Improvements Improve Safety

The recently completed reconstruction of Taxiway E and the rehabilitation of Runway 14/32 significantly improved the safety, preservation and efficiency of AEX airport infrastructure.  Funded primarily by FAA funds the Louisiana Aviation Trust Fund provided the significant match to capture the federal dollars that made these projects possible.  Hundreds of design and construction jobs were created during these projects that put Louisiana people to work building a better future.  With proper care, these improvements will last for decades.

Aviation Communities and Organizations Support Safe Airports in Louisiana and Calls for the Defeat of HB302

Commercial Airports, General Aviation Airports, Communities and Several Trade Organizations to include the Air Transport Association (ATA), Aircraft Owners & Pilots Associations (AOPA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) have joined forces to protect funds for Louisiana aviation infrastructure.  The organizations have called upon the Governor of Louisiana, Secretary of Transportation and the House and Senate Transportation Committee to oppose HB 302.

Louisiana’s Aviation Trust Fund Important to Safe Airports

The Aviation Trust Fund, dedicated to airport infrastructure, and funded by a tax on aviation fuel has played a critical role in the improvement of Louisiana Airport safety, efficiency and effectiveness.  ATF funds are used to match Federal Aviation Funds, 95% FAA 5%ATF, to address safety, capacity, and preservation issues at Airports.  Whether, it’s a ramp, runway, navigation aids, lighting or airport terminal, your Aviation Trust Fund has made air travel safer, more effective and efficient in Louisiana.

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