White House Proposes Employing BRAC Process to Eliminate Federal Real Estate

The White House announced Wednesday a proposal to create a Civilian Property Realignment Board to expedite the disposal of an estimated 14,000 excess federal buildings, an initiative that could save $15 billion over three years. The board would be made up of public and private-sector experts, and its recommendations would be presented to Congress in a single package to be voted on in an up-or-down manner.

Military Support Groups Gird for Earmark Ban

With the House and Senate both banning congressional earmarks in fiscal 2011 and 2012, community-military partnering organizations face a formidable barrier in obtaining funding for military construction projects to support their local installations. The $100 million allocated by Congress over the past 15 years for projects at Vance Air Force Base in north central Oklahoma all has resulted from the actions of congressional representatives, reports the Enid News and Eagle.