Fort Polk, State's largest employer, posts largest ever economic impact

March 22, 2013

LEESVILLE - Fort Polk Progress chairman Michael Reese announced today the release of the fiscal year 2012 Fort Polk economic impact statement, which details $1.86 billion in spending at the installation. Of that total, $980 million is payroll.

"An amount of $1.86 billion is a clear indication of the military value of Fort Polk to the Army and its profound impact to Central Louisiana and the entire state," Reese stated. "More than five years of impact statements have consistently shown annual Army investments of more than $1 billion. Combined with Fort Polk's expanding training range and more than $200 million in state and local investments to support the soldier community, there is no doubt that Fort Polk is an excellent value for the Army today and the right location for future growth."

With a payroll of $980 million, Fort Polk is the largest non-state government employer in Louisiana, according to Moody's Analytics.

The report, entitled, “FY12 Economic Impact, Population, and Assets Economic Impact,” relies on data collected from agencies across the installation and comes at a time when Fort Polk's future is uncertain as the Department of the Army considers force structure realignment that could result in a reduction of 5,300 troops at the base. 

Fort Polk Progress has been a driving force in creating public awareness of the importance of Fort Polk to the local and state economy. In addition, the non-profit group is focused on marketing Fort Polk to the Department of the Army as not only the most cost-effective base for training troops but the most uniquely situated to not only grow but to accommodate a variety of training and power projection that is essential for our military to continue to be a force of strength in defending democracy on the world stage.

For more information about the report, contact Scott Stearns at Fort Polk’s Public Affairs Office at 337-531-7203. 

To speak in detail with Reese about Fort Polk Progress and the significance of the report to pending force structure realignment call 337-239-9555.