Frequently Asked Questions

What are the permitted items that I can bring and prohibited items that I cannot bring?
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How far ahead of time should I arrive?
1 to 1 1/2 hours before departure. The terminal opens at 4 AM.

Can I park curbside?
No, you cannot park a car curbside for more than a few moments to drop off or pick up a customer. This is a Federal Aviation Administration guideline airports must comply with to operate.

Can I leave a car curbside?
No. Unattended cars left curbside are subject to immediate towing. All towing charges are the responsibility of the vehicle's owner.

Can I go past the screening point to see off a friend or relative?
No. Ticketed passengers or authorized personnel only are allowed past the security checkpoints. Exceptions may be granted by an airline under special circumstances, such as a person with disabilities or a child. Exceptions must have paperwork from the airline to present at the checkpoint.

Why is my luggage being searched?
Any customers' luggage may be subject to search.  This is being done on a random basis.

Do I need to bring identification?
Yes, expect your valid photo I.D. to be checked by an airline ticket counter employee when you receive your ticket, again at the checkpoint when you also present your airline ticket, and again at the boarding gate. No expired driver's licenses are permitted.

Is there curbside check-in?
No. curbside check-in is not available at this time.

Will I be patted down or be wanded?
Each passenger is subject to being patted down or wanded by a security checkpoint employee and at airline boarding gates.

What items can I not bring past the security checkpoint?
Knives, fingernail files, scissors or cutting instruments of any kind are prohibited. This can also include fingernail clippers if a file blade is attached, or any kind of sharp instrument which security checkpoint officials deem as a potentially dangerous item.